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About Me Coach T

Coming from low income, impoverished neighborhoods there was little to nothing to be inspired by growing up. During my upbringing I witness and dealt with immense amount of struggles and hardships. Unfortunately I was a victim of many forms of abuse, and I never ever felt protected or strong. However I was determined to one day prevail and overcome against my abusers, bullies and adversaries. 

At about age 13 I took on boxing and promised myself to make it my craft. Some of the gyms I've trained at are Boys & Girls Club, Brick and Howell P.A.L, NCMMA, and House of Boxing. First and foremost, boxing has taught me strong self discipline and faith. Boxing requires a rigorous training regimen, strict adherence to rules, and unwavering focus.  This work ethic extended beyond the gym helping me to become more organized, responsible, and more determined than ever to achieve my dreams. Now after 10+ years as an athlete and 5+ as a coach, I'm finally a business owner helping clients reach their fitness goals, feel strong, and gain the confidence to defend and protect that which is worth fighting for. Hope you support and pray for me as I continue to embark on this journey to make positive changes, reach champion status and be a force for good. 

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